Pumpkin Patch 2015 // Memphis Lifestyle Photography

I absolutely love fall!

 I especially love visiting my favorite pumpkin patch, Jones Orchard. 91121121073135486

Tech Specs: Nikkormat 35mm, SuperRicohflex 120mm/Kodak Porta


Watercolor Kids // Memphis Tennessee Child Photography

“If I were a pattern,

I would be the pattern of paint that a bird would make if you dipped a bird’s wings in watercolor

and then set the bird loose inside a paper lantern.

I’m pretty sure that’s it!” 17386524

Personal // Portrait Photography Memphis TN

Today I am sharing sort of a catch all of some of the fun my twin daughters and I have been having this summer. I try to photograph my daughters on film at least once a month.  Since it is a lovely sunny summer here, this post is full of lots of water play surrounded by our friends and family.  Here you will see us cooling off with our best friend Erin while drinking chilly Sonic slushies, the day the twins learned how to “swim”, and family portraits from Father’s day with their new cousin, Koda.

This post is also part of the Film Mama blog circle. Follow along the links in provided in this circle to see other photographers from around the world, sharing their journey with film. This post also a mixed bag when it comes to film stock and camera, as there are three varieties of each here. I will try to identify for those who are interested. Please check out the next “Film Mama”, Tricia Burrough here.

ps.  Photographing the sky has become a favorite way for me to remember.  I love the look of clouds on film.

Holga120, Ektar100


Contax645, Kodak Portra1606Nikkormat 35mm, film stock unknown (most likely kodak portra 400)1357Contax645, Kodak Portra16011108129

Katie on Acros // Portrait Boudoir Beauty Photography Memphis Tn

Testing light, space, and film with Katie. Shooting personal work has always been rewarding.


Tech specs: Contax645, Neopan Acros 100, ProPhoto Irvine

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19


This post is also part of the FILM MAMA blog circle I am participating in this year.  Each month a new stock of film is chosen to expand our knowledge and has proven to be such a wonderful way to grow in this film journey.  Please follow the circle along to work from other photographers around the world.  Click on over to Corrie Heisey’s post here. You will travel around and finish up here again! Thanks for looking!

Texture like Sun // Portrait Film Photography Memphis TN

“What I aim to do is not so much learn the names of the shreds of creation that flourish in this valley, but to keep myself open to their meanings, which is to try to impress myself at all times with the fullest possible force of their very reality. I want to have things as multiply and intricately as possible present and visible in my mind. Then I might be able to sit on the hill by the burnt books where the starlings fly over, and see not only the starlings, the grass field, the quarried rock, the viney woods, Hollins pond, and the mountains beyond, but also, and simultaneously, feathers’ barbs, springtails in the soil, crystal in rock, chloroplasts streaming, rotifers pulsing, and the shape of the air in the pines. And, if I try to keep my eye on quantum physics, if I try to keep up with astronomy and cosmology, and really believe it all, I might ultimately be able to make out the landscape of the universe. Why not?”

― Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 01700101600201501413005006018011012010009004020019

Thank you Jessie!

Sucre Glace // Beauty Portrait Film Photography Memphis TN

I dreamt of the blossoms all year…


I visioned them fluttering in the breeze.1321

19111216I thought of platinum and cream.2415

I felt the blush and the bark.23



It will always be timeless.

Thank you Haley. xoxo

Murmuration // Portrait Film photography Memphis Tn

If you have ever witnessed a murmuration of starlings, you know what a sight it is to behold.  The feeling of awe and wonder that sweeps over you is quiet spectacular.  A flock of them decided to roost at the bamboo farm nearby, providing a fun place for a photo backdrop. The black birds returned in the evening just as the sunsets and the last of the light fades.  Thank you to my friend Becky for responding so graciously to my last minute call for a model.  Such a hot mama!

This post is also part of a film photography blog circle!  Please follow along for more film goodness, from photographers all over the country.  You should end back here again when you finish.  So I am pleased to share Lea Lebrun Jones’ work with you, here!


Tech specs: Contax645 // Kodak Portra // PPI


Delphinium on Film // Natural Light Film Photography Memphis Tn

I absolutely love the holidays and any occasion that calls for flowers and sweets! I just knew I had to get some spring time pretties on film.  The warmth of the sun and soft breezes have resurrected us from the long dreary months.  Life is lush again! e1e6e7e4e8e2e3e5

Kat // Portrait Photography Memphis Tn

My old roommate Kat came back to Memphis to visit friends and family, so we had an impromptu shoot to get her look on film.  I love her hair here and was beyond excited to get a few frames in.   We didn’t live together very long, but we had a good time when we did.  She has a funny little cat with dwarf legs and plays a mean Apples to Apples! 😀 haha In keeping with the idea that Memphis is a big small town, I have also photographed her cousin Sarah, who I’ve worked with. ( here & here )  That’s a good looking, fun time family let me tell ya!


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, filled with light and love. xoxo  Now on to the goodies….212925272826242322

Natural Selection // Natural light film photography Memphis Tn

Expired black and white film, paired with weathered wood and skulls.  A perfect combination for documenting my personal natural history collection. littledeerfoxcow