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Today I am sharing sort of a catch all of some of the fun my twin daughters and I have been having this summer. I try to photograph my daughters on film at least once a month.  Since it is a lovely sunny summer here, this post is full of lots of water play surrounded by our friends and family.  Here you will see us cooling off with our best friend Erin while drinking chilly Sonic slushies, the day the twins learned how to “swim”, and family portraits from Father’s day with their new cousin, Koda.

This post is also part of the Film Mama blog circle. Follow along the links in provided in this circle to see other photographers from around the world, sharing their journey with film. This post also a mixed bag when it comes to film stock and camera, as there are three varieties of each here. I will try to identify for those who are interested. Please check out the next “Film Mama”, Tricia Burrough here.

ps.  Photographing the sky has become a favorite way for me to remember.  I love the look of clouds on film.

Holga120, Ektar100


Contax645, Kodak Portra1606Nikkormat 35mm, film stock unknown (most likely kodak portra 400)1357Contax645, Kodak Portra16011108129


For Karen

I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman named Karen.

The sweetest heart, just happy on the farm.

With her passing I wanted to revisit the images I had the pleasure of taking last summer.

Here is her life with her three loves.

Ed, Lilian, and the farm.





karen5 karen6


karen9 karen10

karen11 karen12

Holga Nature Images // Natural Light Film Photography Memphis TN

Something a little different.  Even though I normally like to photograph portraits, that doesn’t work as well for me when I use my Holga.  I have found on mine, that five feet is about the focal length ( focusing on a Holga is not an option), and I love lining up lil shots of the world around me.  I’ll probably post more from this fun toy, as it is such a change from my Contax. oh2oh4oh3oh6oh5