Puppy Love // Pet Photography Memphis Tn

I knew this guy was going to get big quickly so I wanted to make sure there were a few shots of him when he was fluffy & cuddly! (week 5 of my 52 project)

knuckles2 knuckles3


Project 52 week 2 // Film Photography Memphis Tn

Kudzu Portals

I’ve always thought of kudzu as being something that looks like it’s from another planet…



kudzu5I have been interested in this spot along highway 51 for sometime now.  I stopped and snapped these shots one misty grey day.  Sometimes when I see a great spot and don’t have a subject to pose for me, I imagine them in the space and photograph the scene hoping to use it again in the future.

Project 52 week 1 // Natural Light Film Children Photography Memphis, TN

This year I decided to participate in a 52 week project of shooting one roll of film per week.  Just a way to stay challenged and inspired.  I have set goals to shoot a variety of subject matter as well as weather and lighting conditions.  Naturally my first week I photographed my two favorite people, my twins! The challenge here was, a) moving babies!! gotta be quick, and b) it was a very chilly and grey day, not a ray of sun in sight.  twinshel1twinshel2twincoll3

Film // Natural Light Children Photography

One the things I love most about film is you don’t necessarily need a bright sunny day.  In fact, a dreary overcast day (like today) can produce such lovely creamy dreams tones like this! ❤ my niece