Perfectly Imperfect // Portrait Photography Memphis Tn



Being a mother of vivacious toddler twins does not leave time for much else. I want to be fully present during these tender years, so sometimes my personal dreams are sort of put on “pause”. Not shelved completely, just waiting.  I’ll admit I’m pretty behind in my editing because during all of this I feel it is important to keep shooting, even if I won’t get the time to look at it. I’ve got scans on my hard drive, film at the processor, and another dozen rolls to be shipped.  This is not a complaint but a blessing to have a life so full of experiences, light, creativity, and love.

So in the mean time, here is one from the cutting room floor.  A shoot earlier in the summer when the clover was thick and the sun was setting fast.  It’s what I refer to as “perfectly imperfect” with it’s light leak that occasionally occurs on the first frame.  A lesson that although life can beautiful, it is often flawed.




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